Mega Creator

Mega Creator is an online DIY graphic editor for building custom illustrations, photos, and collages from pre-made elements. It allows you to create a wide range of projects from Instagram stories to YouTube covers.


You may either create a project from scratch or get inspired by looking at a collection of ready-to-use templates.

Canvas Settings

To create a project from scratch, pick the size and color of the artboard:

Mega Creator has a collection of our photos, illustrations,icons, and backgrounds:



Search for a photo using keywords and/or filters:


Find an illustration using keywords or by searching through styles and categories:


To find icons, use keywords or scroll down and pick the style:


There are 2 types of backgrounds available in Mega Creator: photographic and illustrated. Pick the type you need and search for backgrounds using keywords:


You may pick the size, color and style:


You may also upload your images in JPG, SVG and PNG formats up to 20Mb

Note that it’s possible to remove background of the uploaded picture if needed (use the “person” button):

Export and Sharing

When clipart is ready, it’s automatically saved in your dashboard:

You may check all designs by pressing the “See all” button or scrolling right:

To share a clipart, press the “Share” buttons and select an option:

To export a clipart, press the “Export” button, pick an option, and press the “Download” button:

Main Features

1 - Adjust Effects (Shift + E) - Select Opacity\, add shadow\, bring forward/send backwards

2 - Crop (Shift +Ctrl + C)

3 - Flip Horizontal (Shift + H)

4 - Flip Vertical (Shift + V)

5 - Bring Forward (Ctrl + ])

6 - Send Backwards (Ctrl + [)

7 - Duplicate (Ctrl + D)

8 - Delete (D)

You may also undo (Ctrl +Z) /redo (Shift+Ctrl+Z), create new (Ctrl+X) and duplicate (Shift + Ctrl+ S) collages.

Recolor icons and illustrations

Swap Faces

Swap faces using Shift+Control+F or button:

Either choose our AI-generated photos, Photostock, Memes, Celebrities or upload your images:

Shortcut Keys

Common Questions

Case#1.What is meant by 100 assets?

Users can download up to 100 assets per month (means that if your collage has 5 photos and 2 illustrations you will use 7 credits). The unused limits will roll over to the next month. Text and all the uploaded assets aren’t counted. Plus, all the assets that have already been purchased won’t be counted again.

Case#2.Can I edit my images in MegaCreator?

Yes. You can upload your images using the “Uploads” button.

Case#3.Where to find my designs?

You can find your designs in your dashboard and “My images” section:

Case#4.How to remove background using MegaCreator?

Upload an image using the “Uploads” button and use the “person” button to remove background or use  Shift + B:

Case#5.Can I share my designs with others?

Yes. You can share your designs in social media: